The Disciples’ Easter Weekend

(Friday Night)
We thought He was the Messiah
The true and only one.
We thought he would restore us.
We thought he was God's son.
But now he's dead and in the tomb.
We don't know what to do.
He said "I will not leave you."
But we're scared, through and through.
Years ago we left families
And followed, just like he said.
But then they nailed him to the cross.
Our hopes and dreams are dead.
Should we run or should we hide?
What is left for us here?
A week ago it was different.
I can still hear the crowd's cheers.
(Early Sunday Morning)
Hey! He's not in the tomb!
Mary just brought us the word.
She says he's back from the dead.
It's the best news I've ever heard.
Can't wait to see him for myself.
It's almost too good to be true.
Maybe he'll heal the sick and teach
Just like he used to do.

(Later Sunday?)
Jesus came into the room.
There's no doubt about it.
Everyone needs to know.
Let's all go out and shout it.
He is alive. He is alive.
You better believe it, friend.
He is all that he promised.
I'll never doubt again.

Progress Toward Perfection

     When I consider my current position in God’s eternal kingdom and my qualification for entering heaven in the future, I realize I am already perfect. The Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe has already promised me a place there.

     I am born again. I am a new creation. I am a bought-and-paid-for valued possession of the Almighty God. I am an heir in his kingdom. I am a once-lost coin and a have-been-found lamb. I am the returned, accepted prodigal son. My name is already written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

     The blood of Jesus makes me one hundred percent qualified to enter heaven and spend eternity there. God says I don’t need anything else. Nothing needs to be added, subtracted or changed. The transaction is complete. Christ’s blood changed my eternal address from lake of fire to pearly gates.

      In things eternal I am perfect.

     But when I consider my position and condition in God’s now kingdom I realize I am very imperfect. I am selfish, lazy, inconsiderate, intolerant, thoughtless and nasty. I miss and ignore opportunities to serve others. My times of ingratitude to God and others remain legion. God has provided the Holy Spirit to teach and sanctify me, but much of the time I ignore his teaching.

     I thank him every day that He considers me a work in progress, rather than a lost cause. I am not as Christlike as I should be or will be, but I am better than I was. I need to hang a sign around my neck that says “Have patience. Holy Spirit at work.”

     My place in heaven does not depend on such improvement, but my joy and peace in this life surely do. My chance of hearing “well done” from the Father is contingent on my allowing the Holy Spirit to do his work in me.

Because of Love

It was because of love
Jesus left His throne,
became a helpless babe
in the Galilee home.
It was because of love
He obeyed each rule
He was told to follow
at home, play and school.
It was because of love
He became a man
lived a life clean and pure
according to God's plan.
It was because of love
there in Galilee
He said to James and John
"Come and follow Me."
It was because of love
with His hands so kind
He healed those diseased
in body, soul and mind.
It was because of love
He felt the pain and shame,
refused to take revenge
on those who mocked His name.
It was because of love
He died there all alone,
came splendid from the tomb,
now sits upon the throne.
It is because of love
to Him I freely give
all I am and have
every day I live.
May "It's because of love"
ring out loud and true
as the only reason
for all I say and do.

God Gave

If God was an engineer, He would have given us a blueprint.

If God was a teacher, He would have given us a lesson plan.

If God was a photographer, He would have given us a picture.

If God was a preacher, He would have given us a sermon.

If God was a mechanic, He would have given us a tune-up.

If God was a surgeon, He would have given us a facelift.

If God was a composer, He would have given us a symphony

If God was a writer, He would have given us a novel.

If God was a psychiatrist, He would have given us a consultation.

If God was a beautician, He would have given us a makeover.

If God was a general, He would have given us a battle plan.

If God was a politician, He would have given us government.

If God was a health expert, He would have given us a diet schedule.

If God was a coach, He would have given us a game plan.

BUT since God is a lover, He gave us a Savior.