Becoming By Changing

Acorns become trees, tadpoles become frogs, caterpillars become butterflies. This is God’s plan for orderly change within nature.

In much the same way He intends for each new Christian to become a fully devoted, dedicated disciple of Jesus. Galatians 5:22-23 describes some of the characteristics He intends us to develop during this process.  It is a process directed by the Holy Spirit but it can be stopped or slowed by disobedience on our part. No matter how long ago we became his children He expects us to continue to become more and more Christlike.  

Too often our selfish nature sees no advantage for us in this growth plan and we ignore it. Other times we judge our growth by comparing ourselves with other Christians. This leads to jealousy, anger and interrupted growth. If we are to become what God has planned for us we each have to develop humility as the Holy Spirit guides us into devoted, dedicated discipleship.

Before our salvation experience we had to learn we needed a savior. After being born again we now need to remember we have a savior…and He has plans for us.

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