Do the Easy Stuff

As parents we sometimes ask our children to do unpleasant chores. They are likely to look at the hardest part of the task and complain they can’t do what we have asked. But if they are obedient and willing to try, we will step in and do the difficult part for them.

What we really want from them is their obedience and an honest effort to do as much as they are able. When they are willing to do what they can, then we will gladly help. But we do need them to get started. For instance, Dad will move the heavy stuff in the garage if his ten-year-old will just start sweeping. Mom will wash the really greasy pots and pans if her eight-year old will begin washing the glasses and silverware.

God asks the same from us, his children. He wants us to obediently begin the tasks He gives us. We need to demonstrate our belief that He will take care of the difficult stuff. Our Father will not ask us to do anything that together, with Him, we cannot do. But we must be obedient and get started. Then his assistance will be readily available.

God told Joshua to do the easy stuff. All Joshua had to do was organize and carry out seven marches around the city of Jericho. When he did the simple part, God did the rest.

Sometimes our lack of faith is demonstrated by our unwillingness to get started. We must not allow what we think we can’t do to keep us from doing what we can do.

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