Bits & Pieces, Odds & Ends – 12

What does God most want to give me? Himself. Is that what I most want to receive?


Sometimes God’s provision for hungry people gets stuck in the pockets of middle-class Christians.


In the operation of a church, efficiency and respectability must never over-shadow compassion.


Where will obedience to God today lead me tomorrow? I don’t know. If I  trust Him enough I won’t care.


The cross is the proof of God’s love. The empty tomb is the proof of God’s power. The invitation to enter his kingdom is proof of God’s mercy and grace. Do I really need to know any more about Him?


The way Peter talked (Matthew 26:73) convinced strangers he was a disciple of Jesus.  Does the way I talk tell people the same about me?


The main goal of prayer should not be “God, hear me.” It should be “God, help me hear you.” I am not praying effectively if I am not hearing God clearly.


Are praise and meditation mutually exclusive? Is “…shout to the Lord…”(Psalm 32:11) permission, a suggestion  or a command?


Jesus was the Father’s translator and interpreter. He heard a voice men could not hear in a language they could not speak. His actions and miracles were the audio-visuals of his teaching ministry.

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