Giving My Life To God

"So I beg you to offer your bodies to him as a living sacrifice." Roman 12:1 CEV

As Christians we use the term "Give my life to God," but much of the time we don't really understand how to do it.

Our life on this earth consists of time. Therefore, to give a life to God means giving time to God. And time must be given in segments of years, months, weeks, days, hours or minutes. We must determine what God wants us to do today, the next hour, the next ten minutes.

Such thinking should not result in a guilt trip if we don't spend every minute in prayer, Bible reading or service to a neighbor. His will for the next eight hours may be going to work and being the best possible employee. Or it may be getting a good night's sleep or washing the dishes or going fishing. But before we do any of these things we must ask "God, is this what you want me to do right now?"

Sometimes He will give us a day-long schedule if we ask early in the morning. Consequently only a few hour-by-hour decisions are necessary. But even then we must be open to Him leading us to do  something He did not see fit to show us before breakfast.

If we give him full minute-to-minute control will He allow some time to rest and play? the extent that is best for us.

While functioning under such control will He sometimes direct us to do some things we would rather not do? For the extent that is best for us.

When we continue to find and carry out God's detailed instructions for becoming and doing, will we be more content and joyous than we are now? Without any doubt!

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