God’s will is often time specific…that is some of the things He intends for us to do must be done within a specific time period.  He has a “do it NOW” will for each of us. If I want to know that will and if I search for it correctly and consistently, He will reveal it.

However, a delay in carrying out that will often becomes disobedience, because it can not be done at all if it is not done on  his time schedule.

As his servant my task is always to do exactly what He wants as soon as I understand what that is.  Often when I delay and miss his schedule I lose out on a chance to help someone else and I don’t hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Such disobedience can be harmful to me and others.

I can also be disobedient by doing something before He tells me to do it. He may be intending to further prepare me for the task He is planning for me to do later. Or other people involved in the assignment may not be ready. Certain circumstances may need to be further prepared. Only He has the knowledge to know exactly when the time is right.

When He says  “Now” I must act immediately. When He says “Later” I must patiently wait.

Numbers 14:40-45