There are four steps that have to be taken before I can carry out God’s will in my life. If I fail in any one of them I am allowing myself to be less and do less than He has planned for me. And it is a sin to be aware of my state of “less than God plans” and continue in it.

These steps are wanting to do His will, understanding His will, having the courage to attempt His will and allowing the Holy Spirit to empower me so that I accomplish His will.

The desire to do His will should begin with gratitude for my salvation and the blessings He has so freely  given since then. It should include a recognition that my greatest happiness is possible only when I am doing exactly what He directs, tempered with the acknowledgment that He disciplines those of his children who are disobedient.

The understanding of his will is rooted in private and corporate study of the Bible, along with time alone with Him, voicing my prayers and listening for His response.

If the desire and understanding are present, then I must have the courage to attempt those specific actions He requires. If I falter at this point, I may have to spend more time in steps one and two so that I have a greater assurance that He will protect me and provide for me. He is the “God of detail” and He will clear a path for me as I attempt to be obedient.

As I continue in my obedience I must remain humble and aware of my limitations. I am not expected to do God’s work alone. He is the mover and shaker of the universe but He empowers me to carry out the specific actions He has for me.

When I incorporate each of these into my daily prayer of “Lord, show me what you want me to do” I will hear Him say “Well done, my child.”