Musings #2

 Monday morning I was visiting with a friend when he asked me “What did you do last weekend?”
 “Friday morning I went to the grocery store.”
 “I brought home some groceries"
 “Friday afternoon I went to see my optometrist.”
 “I can read small print again.”
 “Saturday morning I took my car to the mechanic.”
 “It doesn't make that funny squeak anymore.”
  “Sunday morning I went to church.”
Based on your last church visit, how would you have responded?

Satan says to us “Here are some things wrong with you. They will keep you from ever amounting to anything. You're worthless. You never will be able to improve."
 Self-improvement books say “This is what is wrong with you. Here are some ways you can improve.” (Then you are on your own.) 
 God says "I love you. I know there are some things wrong with you. But that's all right for now. Come sit beside me and let's visit for awhile. Let me hold you. We'll do the improvement stuff later.”

  Every morning God hands me a sack. It is labeled with my name and the date. In it are everything I will need to live that day the way God wants me to. He allows me the opportunity to put stuff in or take stuff out before I start the day. (Those put-in and take-out choices greatly influence how successful and pleasant that day will be.)
 In the evening God sits with me and we open the sack to see what is still there. Many of the things that started out in the sack are gone and some new things are there. Often God will ask me “Why did you take specific items out and what did you do with them.” Other times He will say “Will you explain why those new things are in there.”

  Sometimes the evening discussions about my sack are pleasant and other times they are very uncomfortable. But when we are done I always know He loves me.