Listening to God’s Advice

Suppose I was the world champion rodeo bull rider.  I had mastered all the techniques and tricks of the trade. I was the best that ever existed.

Then two years ago I retired.

Now my son wants to be a top tier rider. He is in his second season. I try to teach him all I know. He listens, but when he climbs on a bull he ignores my advice. In event after event he gets bucked off. His pain and injuries are mounting up week after week.

Each time he hits the ground it hurts me, too, because I love him. I know it would be so much better for him if he would just listen and follow my instructions.

So it is with God when I try to live my life outside his advice and commandments. Life would be so much easier and successful if I just followed what He has told me in his Word. When my stubborn nature leads me away from Him I get hurt and He suffers because He loves me.