We should worship God because of his majesty and power – Who He is. We should love God because of his mercy and grace – What He has done.

IMMANUEL – God with us. I have come to believe this is the greatest word of all. Not God above us or God creating us or God judging us. Just God with us.

In my efforts to advance toward Christlikeness, am I a “stroller” Christian or a “training wheels” Christian or a “ten speed” Christian?

When God shows me a sin in my life I usually try to deny it (I didn’t do it) or distort  it (It’s not my fault) or dismiss it (It’s no big deal.) Seems I will do almost anything but confess it and repent.

Prayer was never meant to be a monologue. God intends for our prayers to be as much listening as talking.

I tend to value God’s promises but ignore or resist his commands. Proverbs 2:1-5 tells me to “treasure  his commandments.”

When I meet others will I lift their burdens, ignore their burdens, or add to their burdens?

God is my Father! When people watch my life do they ever say about me “He’s  just a chip off the old block?”