Relationship or Religion

In our relationship with God true Christianity does not begin as a religion. Christianity begins as a relationship. And it must remain that way.

Religion includes theories, dos, don’ts, rules, rituals and methods of worship. While these are not inherently wrong, religion can become a complicating factor in establishing and maintaining our relationship with our Savior.

The relationship God desires with us involves two minds revealing themselves to each other and becoming intimately acquainted.  It is the sharing of strengths and desires in a conscious effort to know and be known. It is giving and taking so we can become more capable and happy.

The initial contact between us and Jesus may eventually lead us into a religion, but it begins as a relationship. And that relationship must continue to be paramount. We must be vigilant to prevent the requirements of religion from interfering in our relationship with Jesus. If this happens Christianity can be a good place to hide from God.

We must never give more time, loyalty and energy to the religion than to the relationship. If we allow the relationship to grow cold and distant, then the religion becomes meaningless, powerless and unattractive.

And, of course, the relationship is based on love, first God’s love for us and then our love for Him. It is a perfect love offered to us freely and eternally.