A Daughter’s Driver’s License

A man had a daughter whose driver’s license was just two weeks old. In three days she and some of her friend were going to take the car out at night for the first time.

He was concerned about her. No, he was frightened for her. She was sweet, kind, open, trusting and generous. She was all the things he had taught her and prayed she would be.

But these very traits that were the cause for his concern. She was going solo into a world that was cold, mean and and full of predators that consumed girls her age. She didn’t have the savvy and experience to even recognize danger, much less avoid it.

He couldn’t be her constant chaperon and bodyguard. He couldn’t keep her locked in the house. What could he do to increase the chances that she would survive her planned trip?

He prayed for her. Every morning and evening and throughout the day he prayed for her. He offered fervent and sincere prayers for her protection.

He also continued to teach her all the things he had started teaching her years before. He emphasized  how to avoid the wrong crowd and refuse drugs. He warned her again to stay close to her friends and shun questionable entertainment.

He wanted her to make all the choices he would make if her were with her. He hoped she would benefit from his wisdom and experience.

God’s concern for us is very similar.

He knows the dangers and temptations ahead of us. He understands how helpless we are. He is fully aware of our tendency to wander into trouble without even knowing it.

For our protection, he wants us to fully and completely have his mind at all times. He hopes his values and priorities will guide each of our decisions. He knows that if we use his wisdom and experience we will avoid many of life’s serious problems.

The man loved his daughter. God loves his children.

The teenager partially recognized her immaturity and grudgingly admitted life might have taught her daddy some valuable lessons. But she still felt his fears were groundless. She was sure she could take care of herself.

Wasn’t that foolish of her?

God’s wisdom and knowledge are far beyond ours. His solutions and plans would have saved us from grief in the past. But we still resist his guidance.

Isn’t that foolish of us?