God’s Twitter

It seems that for many of God’s children Twitter has replaced prayer,  Facebook has taken the place of time in the prayer closet and cell phone contact is more to be desired than intimacy with Him.

The attraction of social networking comes from the fact that we all want to feel needed and need to feel wanted. We are comforted when we feel (accurately or not) that someone is interested in what we like, where we go and what we do.

We want to “reach out and touch” across the nation or around the world. Our sense of worth is enhanced if we have lots of “friends.” We value the fact that at any time from anywhere we can express our feelings, fears and victories to people who are significant to us.

As children of God we have access to an intimate relationship with Him that provides all this and more. We can contact Him across all space any time from anywhere.

Such privilege and power is called “prayer.” It is a 24-7, no limit, instantly received Tweet to the best friend we can ever have.

Our spiritual Facebook network includes the Friend who loves us like a brother. This love causes Him want to solve our problems and only He has the power and wisdom to do so.

If our need for earthly relationships is greater that our need for God, we will miss the joy, peace and power that Jesus died to provide us.


No matter what I have or don’t have, no one can ever take away my most important possessions – my relationship with God and my membership in His family.


I must never allow learning and thinking about God to replace talking and listening to Him.