Bit & Pieces, Odds & Ends – 8

The blessings God has for me today may be delayed until I share the ones He gave me yesterday.

Jesus loves me so much that He became like me so I can become like Him.

Fear provides faith an opportunity to grow.

When God evaluates my behavior He is easy to please and impossible to satisfy.

Passionless people pray powerless prayers.

Stillness is a part of worship. If we will be quiet while we worship, God will hear us.

I must be aware of the needs of others before I can show them I care about those needs.

Faith should say to God “I will try to do the impossible and accept the uncomfortable.”

If I say “Jesus, I give you all my life to use as you want” I should also  say “Satan, you cannot use any of my life any time for any thing.”

Self-pity is a sin because it is based on the concept that God is not doing as good a job of taking care of me as He should be.

If there’s anyone in this world that I don’t love, I am disobeying Jesus… And disobedience is sin.

God came to us – Immanuel – so we will not be afraid to go to Him.