Up town, down town
In the burbs, all around
God is working his will.

If we're here, if we're there
He protects us everywhere.
God is working his will

In the night, in the day
If we work, if we play
God is working his will.

When we're glad, when we're sad
Feeling good, feeling bad
God is working his will.

Feeling small, standing tall
Doesn't matter, hear his call.
God is working his will

He loves me, He loves you.
He is with us all life through.
God is working his will.

In Peru there are huge figures carved into the desert floor. Placed there by ancient peoples, they can be discerned only from above. From any place on the ground next to them only a small part is visible.

Our spiritual lives are similar. From our "here-and-now only" viewpoint we can understand only a small part of what God has planned for each of us. When we reach heaven and look back on the entirety of our lives on earth God's plan of blessing and discipline will be clear. 

And we will have all eternity to say "Thank you."