Obey and Follow

A dog is taught to obey commands such as “Fetch”, “Sit” and “Roll over” so his trainer can show him off and exhibit his own dog-training skills. (And the dog takes pleasure in the praise his obedience earns.)

Other commands like “Stay” and “Heel” are also indications of training, but in addition they are meant to protect the dog and help keep him from danger.

God has given us commands. They have never been intended for God to “show us off” and impress people. They form the frame work for a life devoted to obedience and service.

The Commandments in Exodus 20 and Matthew 22 are meant to protect (not control), to guide (not limit), and to set free (not encumber). We need to remember that God sets limits for our sakes, not for His.


When we read Mark 10:21 we usually consider the “…sell whatever you have…” portion. But what about the “…follow me”… part. That passage, along with the “Follow me” of John 1:43, set the stage for this conversation between Jesus and his disciples.

“Follow me.”

“Where are we going, Lord?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just follow.”

“How long will we be gone, Lord?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just follow.”

“What are we going to be doing, Lord?

“Doesn’t matter. Just follow.”

Such a “Don’t ask, just follow” life style is tough for me. I guess my faith is not as strong as it needs to be. Perhaps my prayers should be asking God to increase my trust in Him so that I will be more willing to follow as He leads.