I have discovered that in my life general servanthood is different from specific servanthood. I may be able to offer a sincere prayer of “God, I am willing to be a servant today” but I balk at saying “Today I will be a servant to Paul or Bill or Jerry.” This prayer may result in my being called for help over and over and over by the same person. I don’t want my servanthood to interfere with my life style of “Me first-everyone else second.”

Willingly accepting the role of servant to one specific individual requires a devotion to God that I don’t have yet.  My frequent excuse for disobeying my Father in this area is that I don’t hear a clear call to that particular service.


In John 4 Jesus met a Samaritan woman. He asked her to serve Him – to give Him a drink of water. She refused and asked Him to serve her (v 15).

When I pray I should more often say to Him “What can I do for you” rather than “Here’s what I want you to do for me.” I need to learn to consider service a privilege to be sought rather than a duty to be avoided.

Dear God, today I want to do Your will, Your way, on Your time schedule, for Your glory. But I will need a fresh infusion of Your power to do so.


Today I will meet evil people who will enrage and oppose me, neutral people who will frustrate and upset me and good people who will puzzle me and ignore me. Can  I pray for all of them with the fervor I pray for the Christians I meet who encourage and love me?