Tombstones in our cemeteries note the beginning and ending of our lives, but they fail to mention the “why” of what happened in the years between those dates.

Jesus’ life on earth began in a barn and ended on a Jerusalem hillside. His ministry began when He walked out of the Jordan River and ended when He was resurrected. Between those events He taught, healed, raised the dead, fed the hungry and removed demons. Why? According to his own words it was to “seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10)

And when He had accomplished all his Father intended for him, He went home.

My life began in a modest home in a town in southern Missouri. My ministry as a child of God began in another small town in the same general area. Both will end at a time and in a place still to be revealed.

Until then I pray that the “Why” of my life will always be the same as His. My acts of service will differ, but my dedication should be the same. Then the time, mode and destination of my trip home will be glorious beyond imagination.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, after my death, everyone who knew me thought my headstone should say  “He served God by serving others because he loved them.”