Train of Life

At birth we boarded the train and met our parents. We thought they would always be with us on our journey. As we got older we realized this was not true, but it was still painful when they stepped off.

During our subsequent ride we have been joined by many significant people. Siblings, children, grandchildren, spouses and friends made the ride more enjoyable. Some of them have already vacated their seats, causing us feelings of extreme loss.

Still the trip continues. Joys, sorrows, expectations, successes and failures have passed through our car. Each has left a permanent mark on us.

Our major responsibility is to live in such a way that we bring joy, peace and satisfaction into the life of those riding beside us.

The biggest question on this journey is not knowing just when we will be forced to vacate our seats and disembark. When this happens to me I hope there will be at least a few moments of sorrow when my fellow passengers will share comments such as “I’ll miss him” or “He was a good traveler.”

Until then I wish you “God speed” as He continues to guide and protect us.