Discipline and Change

When a parent disciplines a child, there is an expectation of change in the child’s behavior or attitude (or both.) Discipline that does not result in change is largely wasted. Discipline that is not motivated by love is likely to produce anger and resentment that can last a lifetime.

God disciplines those He loves. That’s you and me. When we experience His discipline are we willing to change? Do we allow the Holy Spirit to show us the Father’s opinion of our behavior, priorities, motives and attitudes? Are we willing to accept what God accepts and reject what He rejects, even if it means change?

Change is difficult because it means admitting that – heaven forbid – we have been wrong and others have been right. No matter where our values came from, how long we have had them or who taught them to us, we will resist changing them. God isn’t interested in how we got to be the way we are, but He loves us enough to discipline us until we are like Jesus.

Just as a parent does not ask the child “How do you think I ought to discipline you” God does not ask us for guidance in his correctional process. We need to accept that such is necessary for our well-being and when it is all over we will be the better for it.


If we will open the cover of our Bible to our eyes, God will open the message of our Bible to our hearts.


When I pray, my desire should be to touch God, not to “put the touch on” God.