Thought Provokers

When dealing with sin, American Christians have a problem over-using “We”  and “Us” and “Our” while too seldom using “I” and  “My.”

Statements such as “We  have wandered away from God” or “Our churches have forgotten God” are common. But admissions of “I have let God become second place in my life” and “My time with God has been neglected” are rare.

I call this corporate confession and it seems we have allowed it to replace the personal, intimate aspects of a soul-searching relationship with our Father.  We too easily can see the lack of Godliness in others (society, culture, government, education) but refuse to admit our own sins and request forgiveness.

I don’t think God’s anger and disappointment are assuaged if we confess only the sins of others. He wants each of us to come to Him on a personal, face-to-face basis to confess and repent.


Those of us over sixty years of age have experienced perhaps the most prosperous fifty years of our country’s history. As Christians we have donated enormous amounts of money to our churches.

What have our churches done with it? We have sent missionaries, built children’s homes and hospitals, preached, taught, fed the hungry and spread the good news about Jesus. Certainly all these are good things. But we have also built humongous buildings and parking lots that require the efforts of large full-time staffs.

Twenty years from now, who will pay the repair and maintenance bills? Who will be responsible for meeting the payroll each month? Have we created brick-and-mortar albatrosses that will hang around the necks of our children and grandchildren?