Have A Good Day ?

“Have a good day” is an almost universal greeting in our society. When we consider those words we always think about things that might happen to us. But as Christians maybe we should consider that phrase in terms of what we do, say or think that would cause us to have a “good day.”

When we go to our Father in prayer at the end of the day, the standard for a “good day” should be based on how often we prayed, how much we praised, who we served and how sincerely we loved.  If He should ask us “Did you have a good day” I could answer based on what I “did” rather than “what was done to me or for me.”


Our progression from “baby Christians” (1 Corinthians 3:2) to mature children of God should be evident in our prayer life. We should be consistently moving from “Now I lay me down to sleep” toward “Nevertheless not my will but thine.” (Luke 22:42)

A change in our opening line from “Dear God, please_________” to “Dear Father, I thank you and praise you for _____________” would be an indicator of greater Christian maturity.

The same would be true in the areas of confession and repentance. Rather than a general “Please forgive me of all my sins,” a prayer of specific confession and repentance would be something like “Dear Father, I recognize that my attitude toward my boss and co-workers, my constant complaining and griping, are not pleasing to you. I’m sorry. Thank you for forgiving me. Please change me.”

The “who” of our maturing prayer life would also be affected. We all are familiar with requesting blessings for our friends and family. But when was the last time we offered a sincere prayer for our enemies?