Helpless Praying

Being fully and accurately grateful to God requires that I understand and recall who He is, who I was and who I am. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe, perfect and omnipotent. I was a sinner, by choice and nature God’s enemy. I am his child, the recipient of his mercy and grace. (I need to allow the Holy Spirit to remind me of all this several times each day.)

             If we are immersed in the realization of these things then prayer for others becomes more intense and frequent because we want them to have what we have. It also places us in a position to live in an “attitude of gratitude” praising and worshipping Him at times other than on Sunday morning.


           When I acknowledge I am helpless I should feel hopeful because acknowledged helplessness opens the door for God to use his power on my behalf. This lowly attitude should accompany all my prayers.

This is true when my praying stumbles (Romans 8:26) if my prayer problem is lack of wisdom, not lack of discipline. (The passage says when “I do not know” how to pray, not when I am too lazy or rushed to pray.)

The Holy Spirit knows God’s plan for me and has the responsibility for showing me how to pray so that his will is carried out in my life.