God’s Forgiveness

I sin. Every Day. Sometimes my sins are by commission. Sometimes they are by omission. But they are still sins. Some of them I’m aware of. Some of them I never recognize. Some are accidental. Some are intentional.

But I do not have to ask God for forgiveness. All my sins – every one of them – were forgiven when I became a Christian seventy years ago.  This included sins past, sins present and sins future.

This calls not for a  request of “Please forgive” but an affirmation of “Thank you, Father.”  My attitude toward his action is eternal, massive gratitude and devotion.

That forgiveness guarantees me a place in heaven where I will spend eternity praising Him. It also permits me to have an earthly relationship with Him that includes peace, protection and power.

This is a total gift. His grace precludes any action on my part.  And that, my friend, is GOOD NEWS.


Jesus told the parable of the man who was forgiven a big debt by his master but would not forgive a friend of a small debt. Basically the man would not pass on something he had been given…forgiveness.

Is it a misapplication of that story for me to apply this to myself and the salvation I have been given? If I do not help others find the salvation I received as a gift am I displeasing my Master the way the ungrateful servant did his?