So What

It is Sunday afternoon. I attended church and Bible study (Sunday School) this morning. A question lingers in my mind. Am I any different now than I was when I got up this morning?  Will I be any different tomorrow morning than I was this morning? And since the answer is “No,” I must ask “Why not?”

Today was like most Sundays for me. Except for the value of some social contacts I see little reason to go back next week. I think this is true for many Christians. Something needs to change in me and my Sunday morning trips to church so time there will have spiritual significance.

I have very limited ability to change what my church leaders do. Most of the people who share pew space with me seem satisfied with the status quo. So any worthwhile change will have to be within me.

Next Sunday I think I will make myself get out of bed fifteen minutes earlier and have some private prayer time with the Lord before the “Hurry up or we’ll be late” routine begins. And maybe I need to stop being so critical of the way our worship leader handles our music program. Cultivating a sincere desire to grow as a Christian would probably help.

Surely if I ask, the Holy Spirit will take these three things and help my Sunday mornings become more about Jesus and less about me.


No one is so good he can enter heaven because of his good actions.

No one is so bad that he can not enter because of his bad actions.


When I acknowledge my helplessness to God I should feel hopeful. This is the lesson of the first beatitude…”Blessed are the poor in spirit.”