Jesus and Me

My having a close, personal, intimate relationship with Jesus is like hearing and responding to music that no one else can hear.

I smile and others don’t know why. I move in rhythms and steps that others do not understand. Together Jesus and I dance for joy when others haven’t even been aware there was a reason for celebration.

Others may find my behavior a little strange, but Jesus and I don’t really care.


Jesus left the ultimate comfort zone (heaven) to make the ultimate sacrifice (the cross) for the ultimate “they don’t deserve it” people (me.)  If this was all He ever did for me I would still owe Him my ultimate gratitude and praise.


Among non-Christians we have the reputation of emphasizing God’s punishment more than His love. They think we teach that God wants to punish them rather than bless them. They believe we get pleasure from seeing God punish bad people. Where do they get such ideas? How can we help change the way they think?