How Do You Want To Be

“What do you want to be when you grow up” is a question many of us have asked a child. (Maybe you can even remember when it was posed to you.) When we ask it we expect an answer that involves a vocation, a hobby, or a heroic accomplishment.

As Christians, if we ask this of a youngster, why don’t we say “What do you think God wants you to be when you grow up?” This slight change will perhaps stick in their mind as they move through the school years into the adult world of work. Maybe it will become the standard they use to make all life decisions.

There is another variation that cuts to the heart of a Christian’s spiritual growth process.  “How do you think God wants you to be when you stop growing?” This involves personality, attitudes and life-style components. It includes morals, ethics and family values. “What kind of person do I think God wants me to be when I stop growing?

Is that too deep a question for a child? Probably so. But it is perfectly appropriate for adults.

But wait. “I stopped growing years ago. I’m not going to get any bigger.”  Good point. But can we get “better.”  Too many of us reach a level of Christian maturity and decide that in the process of becoming Christlike we are currently just where God wants us. We expect God to be satisfied with our “here and now” level of growth.

This attitude is wrong. God expects us to consistently and regularly grow until He calls us home. And once we accept this, we can read Galatians 5:22-23 and Matthew 22:37-39 with new insight and appreciation.

And He promised the Holy Spirit will be available to help us become just exactly “how” He wants us to be. (John 14:16)