God’s Audiovisuals

For me, as a child of God, every day is a time of learning in the classroom called “life.” God is the master teacher. He uses audiovisuals to help me become what I need to be.

One day the lesson goal may be patience and the audiovisual He uses is slow traffic.

The next day the lesson goal may be courage and the stock market takes a triple-digit dip.

The following day the lesson goal may be self-control and I spill a glass of milk at the breakfast table.

Later on the lesson may be love and I have to spend three hours at work with the most obnoxious guy I know.

Another day the lesson may be cheerfulness and I wake up with pain in both knees, lower back and shoulder.

If I wasn’t such a slow learner God might not have to use such harsh audiovisuals and my life would be more pleasant.


Am I as willing to be used by God to help meet the needs in the lives of others as I am to use others to meet my own needs?


When I look at people who are different from me, am I more likely to judge rather than love?