The Rock Throwers’ Club

Some people are rock collectors. Some are rock polishers. Too many Christians, including myself, tend to be rock throwers. And we belong to a rock throwers club called a church.

In order to be a member in good standing of that club we have to look at people who are different than we are and label them so we can throw rocks at them. Our club membership gives us the right to instead ignore them if we choose, but such behavior can cause just as much pain as the rocks.

Some of the labels we use are lazy, weak-willed, selfish, stupid, liberal, conservative, sinful, weird and shallow. But label them we must because these labels justify our choosing them as targets.

There seems to be an unlimited supply of rocks. We can get them from pastors sermons,  Bible study clubs, television evangelists, Sunday School lesson booklets and evangelism tracts.

Christian rock throwing has two purposes. The first, and most obvious, is to punish those who do not agree with our concept of good vs evil, right vs wrong, sinful vs holy. The second is to increase our sense of self worth by helping God punish evil doers.

If we are going to be a light in this dark world, we are going to have to destroy our Rock Throwers’ membership cards. Then we will need to pay our dues into the Welcome Home club.