Bits & Pieces, Odds & Ends – 6

Much of our lives are spent “between rocks and hard places.” We dread such episodes and try to avoid them.  When we do end up there, whether it’s our fault or the work of others, we tend to complain, gripe, moan and groan. We expect loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers to come to our aid.

But in my life it has been proven over and over that such a position is a good place to meet God. My most common prayer from that “between” spot is an enthusiastic “HELP” and He always does. I have never been in a place where HIs compassion, mercy and aid do not overcome my problems.

Maybe if I spent more time with Him when I am in my “between the recliner and the couch” soft spots I would avoid the between the “stones and cement” ones. But it is wonderful to know that whichever location I end up in tomorrow, He will be there.


     We think of habits as actions we take unconsciously, without thoughts. But is it possible that habits can also be things that we do not do? Is it possible to unconsciously, unthinkingly not do something?

     I think the answer is “Yes” and that explains how we can stop reading our Bibles, praying or attending church regularly. We get “out of the habit” of doing the things we know are important and helpful to our Christian growth.

God is anxious to help  correct such inaction if we will just ask him.


     Romans 8:18 speaks of glory, not glory we deserve or earn, but glory that will be “revealed in us.”  Of course, that is God’s glory, the same that was revealed to the Hebrew people in the desert by a daytime cloud and a night time fire. The disciples were given the privilege of experiencing it when Jesus was transfigured (Matthew 17:1-3.)

As His children, we should also radiate that same glory. Not by flames or clouds or shekinah radiance, but by loving everyone we contact. What specific actions will we be called to carry out? We never know from one moment to the next. But if we spend time asking for directions and if we are faithful to follow each of those actions, we will shine as He expects us to.