What Did God Do When…

His son was born?

Rearranged the stars                                      Matthew 2:9

Inspired wise men                                          Matthew 2:2

Sent angels                                                        Luke 2:13

Dazzled shepherds                                           Luke 2:20


His son began his life’s work?

Inspired John the Baptist                                John 1:36

Appeared as a dove                                          Matthew 3:16

Spoke from heaven                                           Matthew 3:17

Gave approval                                                   Matthew 3:17


His son needed encouragement?

Revealed His glory                                             Matthew 17:2

Sent angels                                                          Matthew 4:11

Sent old friends                                                  Matthew 17:3

Spoke from heaven                                            Matthew 17: 5


His son died?

Nothing                                                                Matthew 27:46


Cruel? Callous? Uncaring?  NO! It was a loving Father allowing his only son to die so that all people could become his adopted children.  It was allowing Jesus to take the guilt of all the sins of all people of all time so those people could live in victory  on  a temporary earth and surrounded with glory in an eternal heaven.

Sins, Adam’s and mine, were a barrier between God and I. Only His “forsaking” of Jesus completed the plan to remove such barriers.  All the combined past and future blessings to me from God can never equal the value of turning away from Jesus and allowing Him to die. Thank you. Thank you, Father.