Sunday Morning Football

I once watched a football game in which one team, the Crusaders, forgot the purpose of the huddle.

When they first formed their tight little circle they congratulated themselves for the previous play, whether it gained five yards or fifty yards.

Then they took the time to point fingers at each and assign blame for lack of points on the scoreboard.

Then they checked on each other to see if anyone had been injured on the last  play.

Then they reminded themselves of what a good coach they had.  Sometimes one or two of them would stand up, look over to the bench and wave.

Then they would talk about how nasty and mean the opposing players were.

Then the conversation usually turned to how unfair the referees were, always calling penalties on them but never on the other team.

Eventually they would discuss and take a vote to determine their next play.

Needless to say, they lost the game.

But does that description of the Crusaders’ huddle sound similar to what goes on in Sunday School classes and church gatherings today? (Go ahead and read it again.)