Bits & Pieces, Odds & Ends – 2

Loving the unlovable was—is—a major Christ-like quality all his children need to develop.  We can never love in the way and to the extent He does, but with the aid of the Holy Spirit we can always become more loving than we are now.

It’s much easier to love those who look like, act like and think like us than to love those who are different from us. The tribalism that is so rampant in our world today is a  strong indication of how much we have wandered away from the Heavenly Father.

Jesus loved me when I was unlovable. I was about as unlike Jesus as any human could possibly be. He proved his love by leaving heaven, living a perfect life for thirty years, disappointing his family, accepting the hatred of his home-town leaders, being abandoned by his father and dying on the cross.

We may spend much of out time in eternity praising Jesus for loving the “unlovable different.”  And I will be front row center.


In Acts 26:16 Paul stated that Jesus had “appeared” to him so he would be a “witness” of all things he had learned and would learn.

Can I be anything else and still be true to his desire for my life?


As a Christian I should view the past through the lens of gratitude, the present through the lens of obedience and the  future through the lens of expectation.