Bits & Pieces, Odds & Ends – 1

God sends, but He also welcomes. If He sends me to a different part of the house, town, country or world, He is already there to welcome me when I get there. This is a wonderfully comforting fact. May I never forget to be grateful for it.

I must remember that knowledge of the truth and agreement with the truth do not constitute obedience to the truth.  And until I am totally obedient, God is not done with me.

Those who admire Jesus want to know more about Him. Those who follow Him want to be like Him. My prayer is that I will go beyond knowing and admiring to copying.

I prayed “Father, show me my sins so I can confess and repent and be more like Jesus.” So He showed me one, but it was one of my favorite things to do. Then He showed me another one, but it was one of my favorite opinions. Now the ball is in my court. Am I really ready to change (or be changed)?

The Bible is God’s own record of His dealings with the human race. He could have subtitled it with “This is My Account of All I Have Done and Will Do In the Process of Loving Mankind.”