Why God Uses Human Messengers

Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of them that…bring glad tidings of good things!” (KJV)

Eli was the high priest of the Hebrew people. He was God’s messenger to them and he took their requests to God. They received forgiveness through him. He was their link to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Then in First Samuel 3, we are told of the time when God chose to speak, not through him to the Hebrew people, but to him through a Hebrew child.

Why a child? Why a lad who did not, at first, even recognize the voice of God? God had uncounted ways of telling Eli what he needed to hear. Why did he choose Samuel to deliver the message?

It was for Samuel’s sake. He was being trained to hear from God and speak for God. Surely, throughout the rest of his life, he never forgot the first time God gave him a message to deliver to another person.

And it was not a pleasant message. Even at a young age, Samuel realized the negative nature of the message. It would cause Eli grief and sorrow and he surely hesitated to deliver it.

Today God often speaks directly to individuals through the Holy Spirit. But sometimes he gives us a message that others need to hear. And if it is unpleasant, we may hesitate to deliver it. We may even reply, “Why me, God? When I deliver this message they may get angry at me. I may lose a friend. They may not believe me.”

But we must trust God’s wisdom and believe that we are the best messenger for the task. We must be willing to be used to deliver whatever words He wants to pass on. We are not allowed to decide that the message is too unpleasant. We are not given permission to say, “I want to spare this person the sorrow and grief of hearing such negative words.” We are only messengers whose job it is to speak God’s word, not editors whose job is to make the words more pleasant.

If we refuse to deliver a message, will God somehow get the word to them anyway? Probably! But we will miss the blessings He has for those who are obedient to His directions. Being chosen as a messenger is an opportunity to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”