Christians Are To Be Uncommon

Romans 12:1 Take your everyday, ordinary life….and place it before God as an offering. (MSG)

Any time a group of Christians is challenged to give more time or money to God, there is almost always someone who will say something like “Yes, I could give Him more, but how much more is enough? I have to use common sense to know how much to give and how much to keep so I can meet my obligations to my family. God doesn’t want my kids to have only rags to wear and He expects me to spend time with my loved ones. We have to use the common sense God has given us.”

The basic concept of this response is undoubtedly true, but we must remember that God expects us to use His sense of proper giving and there is nothing common about that. Christians are uncommon people; we are children of the King and heirs to His riches and glory.

Our giving should not be like that of the world. We should give generously and sacrificially (Luke 21:1-4).

Our thinking should not be like that of the world. We should think with the wisdom of God (James 1:5).

Our attitude toward others should not be like that of the world. We should love everyone, everywhere, all the time (Mark 12:31).

Everything about God’s children should be uncommon – uncommonly loving, patient, kind, strong and pure. We must stop using common sense, behaving in common ways, loving to a common degree and serving others to a common limit.

We have an uncommon God. Jesus made an uncommon sacrifice for us on the cross. Let’s be uncommon in our devotion and service to Him.