Am I Pleased With God?

Luke 10:42 “Mary has chosen what is best…” (CEV)

Am I pleased with God or only pleased with his blessings?

Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him teach. She was content to be near Him and bask in his presence (Luke 10).

Job continued to love God when practically all of life’s blessings had been taken from him. He refused to curse God even in extreme loss and pain (Job 42).

The three Hebrew captives told Nebuchadnezzar they were sure God would protect them, but even if He didn’t they would remain obedient (Daniel 3).

In each of these cases, loyalty to God was demonstrated even when special blessings could not be immediately seen.

Two fishing buddies, Fred and Bill, met at work one Monday morning after Fred had taken his wife fishing the previous Saturday. “How did it go Saturday?” was Bill’s first question.

“Great,” Fred replied. “It’s been years since I enjoyed a day so much.”

“You must have hit it just right,” Bill responded. “How many did you catch? What were they hitting?”

“We didn’t catch a keeper all day. Didn’t get but six or eight good strikes. But we spent the entire day together and we enjoyed it. We talked about things we haven’t discussed in a long time. We are closer to each now than we’ve been in years.”

Fred’s surprising answer demonstrates a powerful spiritual concept. Would you enjoy fishing all day with Jesus even if you didn’t catch anything? Does being with God give you pleasure even when you don’t see any spiritual blessings?