Stay Close to the Guide

“Stay close to me, and I will stay close to you…” John 15:5 CEV

When I take a group tour through a facility such as a museum, I never want to be in the back of the pack where I can’t hear the guide explaining the features of the exhibits. Sometimes I linger at an exhibit after the group moves on, and then I find myself trying to gently move back through the crowd to get closer to the guide at the next stop. I have never understood those who join a tour group but never seem to listen to the guide. They miss the enjoyment that comes from the guide’s knowledge.

Jesus is our guide on the journey through life. He takes us where we need to go and stops to explain what we need to know at all the appropriate places.

Do we have a deep, sincere desire to understand what he is saying? Do we spend the necessary time and effort to stay close enough to hear the guiding words he gives through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit? If not, we are failing to take advantage of the wisdom and guidance he offers.

If we visit a museum without the help of a guide, we may gain some knowledge and be impressed with the size and grandeur of the building. But we will miss much of the information and pleasure such a visit offers.

As we go through life, we must stay close to Jesus and listen to his teachings. Otherwise, at the end of the day we may look back and say “It’s been good. I’ve enjoyed myself.” But we will have missed some of the blessings he offered us.

We can avoid such disappointment if we stay close to our guide by having a daily Bible study and “listening time.”

We  were created to be dependent only on God.