Hearing Jesus

Mark 7:16 “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.” (KJV)

Jesus said, “I have much more to say to you, but right now it would be more than you could understand.” (John 16:12 CEV)

What is there in our lives that makes us unable to understand what Jesus wants to say to us?

Our ignorance. We do not have enough knowledge. We would become confused and confounded. His ways are far above our ways. He knows what we can comprehend and he will not say things to us that will cloud our minds.

Our unwillingness. His words sometimes give us instructions to do things we don’t want to do. Frequently this is mixed with laziness, since being obedient often involves physical effort and commitment. Words of direction are wasted on the stubborn and the indolent.

Our pride. Pride causes old wine skins to become so brittle that new knowledge rips them apart. We are so protective of our attitudes and emotions that we refuse to hear any words – even from Jesus – that tell us we are wrong.

As followers of Jesus we must have the desire to hear his voice and the ability to understand it.

Mark 2:22