Spiritual Garage Sale

When we prepare for a garage or yard sale, we look through the attic, basement, garage and closets to find all the stuff we have accumulated and do not need. Part of our motive is to make some money, but usually we are also trying to make our life more effective and efficient. We collect all the unnecessary clutter, set it out on the lawn and hope someone will come along and buy it. We often wonder just exactly where it all came from and why we have it in the first place.

If God directed me to collect and clear out everything in my life that he considers unnecessary, where would I begin to look? Where would he send me to find all the stuff that is blocking me from being and doing all he desires?

Would he send me to my safety deposit box, checkbook and portfolio? Would he ask me to surrender my accumulated wealth?

Would he have me look into my memory chest and get rid of the photographs, souvenirs and memorabilia of days and events now gone? Would he have me loosen the strings that tie me to the past?

Would he have me search my “Sometime I’m Going To” lists so I could throw out my goals and ambitions? Would he have me abandon my self-determination?

Would he direct me to give away my fishing gear, golf clubs and TV set? Would he tell me to clean out all that occupies my time with non-eternal activities?

He wants me to surrender all the “good” things in my life so that he can replace them with the “best.” Only he knows just what that “best” is for me, right now and in the future.